Established in 2011, with annual supplying capability of 10,000 tons, Hangzhou Alead Rubber&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. provides a wide range of bright colored EPDM granules to various clients worldwide, applicable in both sports and leisure surfaces.

Our brightly colored EPDM granules provide an impact absorbing, hardwearing safety surface, which is easily maintained.

We control our products quality from the very beginning to the end. Our manufacturing processes are closely monitored under strict quality control by our dedicated staff, and ensuring the products consistency, UV stability as well as the fast delivery. We are also committed to continuous research and development to further improve the quality of our colored EPDM granules to meet market expectation. What enables Alead to stand out from the other suppliers is our quality consistency. That's the reason Alead could have long-term cooperation with all our clients. One-time trading is not what we pursued, Alead has always offered all the possible supportive items to help client grow. We know that we can only grow when our clients grow.

Apart from our 20 standard colors, Alead provides customization service, you could have an exclusive color range according to your special requirements, color calibration will be processed one time a year to ensure no deviation happens as time going. Sizes, bags, painting on pack, color blending could also be customized upon your request.

With clients requirement, our products scope has enlarged to rubber accessories including rubber tile, rubber mat and rubber rolls, which are applicable in gym floor, public surfaces, and all the sports surfaces. 

Polyurethane binder, both MDI(aliphatic) and HMDI (aromatic) types have been provided to the markets for five years, they could satisfy the requirements of various types of projects. please go to its website or contact us for more information on specifications or test reports.

OEM is acceptable, with specified information painted on the bags. All clients information will be strictly protected. Before real business starts, we warmly welcome your visit to investigate our facilities and supply capability.

Under strong responsibility of quality and service, Alead EPDM granules have been widely used over four continents and across 20 countries and regions, including Japan and Israel in Asia, Colombia, Peru and Chile in South America, Canada and USA in North America, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania. Our products are highly praised by clients and prove to be superior material for pour-in-place projects.

We know well that our products care much about the physical health of our next generation, or even several generations, so we have always been committed to providing high quality to provide a safe and interesting place for the kids and the people. We're honorably proud of ourselves to have made a certain contribution to the environment protection.

Alead believes Only Strong Commitment of Quality and Service Could Drive Us Go Longer. We will
keep loyal to every client to grow their market, and will keep innovative to provide best service as well as high quality. 

Alead Rubber, Made in China, loved by the world.


Hangzhou SparkleSports is one of the leading manufactures of EPDM rubber, Polyurethane binder, EPDM rubber tiles and rolls. With daily productivity of 50 tons quality rubber, SparkleSports has developed its market over 20 countries and regions in the past 18 years. Stable relationship with our partners is what we are striving for as always. If you have ever worked with Sparklesports, you would never doubt our faith that client growth is ALWAYS prior to the growth of Sparklesports. This strongfaith has inspired all the Sparklesports people to think and behave from clients standing always. From the year 2016, a new section of GYM/fitnessproducts was established to reach the ONE-STOP purchase requirementfor our clients.