Polyurethane Binder

PU Binder

Polyurethane binder, which also can be called polyurethane adhesive, is moisture cured urethane and is one kind of aromatic binder. It has been specially formulated for bonding rubber flooring either indoor or outdoor use.


 * Single Component

 * Solvent Free

 * Low Viscosity

 * Nearly no odor

 * Extended shelf life

 * Packed in 215 kg drums



 * Children’s playground

 * Sport Surfaces

 * Commercial floor

 * Rubber tiles, rubber rolls or other molded rubber Products

It’s short for polyurethane floor paint. These environmentally friendly two-part chemically setting adhesives used for installing PU water-proof sport courts. Alead’s polyurethane floor paint includes base paint materials, top paint materials and coating material. Prepolymer as the main dose, polyurethane hardener and pigment as accessory ingredient, the mix ratios are different for different paint materials.



 * Double component

 * Solvent free

 * Strong adhesive attraction

 * Anti-slip surface treatment

 * Good flatness

 * Water-proof

 * Packed in 215kg drums



 * Children’s playground

 * Sport surfaces

 * Commercial floor

 * Factory facilities

PU floor paint